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With expertise in a variety of fields and experience from many international projects, ESTEN's portfolio of services is truly broad. We can tailor our services to your specific needs.

/ 1 . Upgrading an existing system /

/ 2 . Cloud Migration /

/ 3 . Ideas Prototyping /

/ 4 . Product Development /

/ 5 . Building Cloud Infrastructure /

/ 6 . Team Outsourcing /

1. Upgrading an existing system

While upgrading an existing information system can bring you big savings, it is often very complex.

Older platforms lack scalability and capability to integrate with modern technologies. It’s much easier to design a new system than to refurbish an existing one.

ESTEN has successfully performed multiple upgrades of information systems to the latest technologies in use. We have retained the original functionality and added a new one as required for the real-time production software and also the global transaction system. We migrated the system to the cloud, ensuring all parts are secured according to current standards for financial transactions.

  • Smooth transition from the original solution to the new one
  • Adaptation to the latest technology trends
  • Security throughout all steps

2. Cloud Migration

Cloud migration refers to the process of moving digital assets such as data, applications, and services from on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based environments.

This can involve various cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Migration to the cloud offers numerous benefits for you, including cost savings, scalability, improved data security, enhanced compatibility and access to cutting-edge technologies. It can also allow you to work remotely and increase your disaster recovery capabilities. Within migration to the cloud, we also have experience in adapting applications to microservices, thanks to which we can provide greater scalability, flexibility, and resilience of the solution.

  • Experience with cloud platforms Azure, AWS and Google Cloud
  • Process and cost optimization for your business
  • Fast data recovery

3. Ideas Prototyping

If you have not clearly defined requirements yet or are hesitant about investing in your business idea, take advantage of prototyping process.

The subsequent final product is developed, tested and refined based on your feedback. Implementing the system in the analysis phase allows you to see the product in the early stages of its lifecycle. Commercial product development starts as soon as you approve the prototype. Not satisfied? It's okay. You can move your resources to another domain with ease. This will minimize additional costs and potential risks.

  • Flexible design
  • Changing functionality easily
  • Surveys conducted before the actual project investment

4. Product Development

Do you want to dedicate yourself to your business, but as a project manager you no longer have the capacity to do so? Are you worried about whether your information system can handle a growing customer base without the need for further customisation?

This is where ESTEN’s product development comes into play. 

We will take responsibility for your project from A to Z. Our priority is not only your success, but also security and efficient technology selection. Together, we will find the best solutions to make your operations more convenient, cheaper and much faster.

  • Customization options
  • Independent from existing infrastructure
  • Unlimited innovation

5. Building Cloud Infrastructure

The benefits of cloud infrastructure depend on your regional coverage.

If your business is global, the major issue is the response time of your application. While a US server works reliably for the US, the delay for European or Asian countries might be beyond the acceptance level. It is therefore essential to have a scalable solution that distributes your platform across the world, can identifying and locating customers, and forwarding them to the nearest datacentre. Another requirement to be met is to protect the privacy of personal data from the region (e.g. based on GDPR), while still providing access to critical business information. If you are a local player, your demand peaks can cover hundreds of thousands of users at a time, but drops close to zero at night. Dynamic resource allocation helps you scale up/down the resources based on real-time needs. This not only saves money, but also the energy typically wasted by conventional platforms. Don't pay infrastructure costs while your customers are sleeping.

  • Dynamic resource allocation
  • Performance optimization
  • Power savings

6. Team Outsourcing

Your developers aren't keeping up, but you don't want to invest in full-time employment of more human resources? We are here for you.

Whether you need to quickly implement new projects or upgrade existing systems, we can help you temporarily expand your team with our experienced experts. With us, you get a complete development team with optimized processes and infrastructure at a competitive price. We cover a diverse range of job positions with a broad focus - in addition to software developers, we also have UI/UX designer, Business analyst, System architect, Scrum master, DevOps engineer, QA specialist and Product owner. If you are interested, your developers can work on the project together with us - we even recommend it. Thanks to this, they will gain important know-how and, in the future, will be able to perform tasks related to the project without our assistance.

  • Already established processes
  • Effective collaboration across the team
  • Decisions under your control

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