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We can provide functional and sustainable solutions to our clients' diverse problems. Take a look at some of our finished projects.

/ 1 . D-spot /

/ 2 . Open Sovereign Cloud /

/ 3 . GBCO2 /

/ 4 . Payment gateway for an international company /

/ 5 . Production Planning Information System (PPIS) /

/ 6 . Monitoring of harmful substances /

/ 7 . Integrated public transport system /

/ 8 . eMobility platform development /

/ 9 . Rehapiano /

1. D-spot

Specialization: industrial production/process digitalization

Description of the project: D-spot integrates different systems into a single application displayed on a large touchscreen. It digitizes processes, simplifies the work of operators as well as managers directly in production. It collects and concentrates data that was previously lost and provides analytical output. This brings multiple benefits, including increased safety, quality, and higher operational profitability, as well as faster employee onboarding.

general contractor of the project

2. Open Sovereign Cloud

Specialization: cloud services/data sovereignity

Description of the project: EU initiative to create own cloud infrastructure to avoid sharing sensitive data with non-EU entities.

project partner

3. GBCO2

Specialization: industrial production/process digitalization

Description of the project: An environmental project focusing on greenhouse gas production, aimed to develop a system for the customer to gather data, define calculation rules, and audit and report results.

The system creates a tree structure of the company's production subdivisions and records the quantities of material entering and exiting the production process of the company. It further enables the definition and recording of properties of materials being measured. These include, for example, the carbon content in the material, calorific value, cost and other properties.

Above this data structure, the system user can define polynomial balance calculations. One of them is the balance of the amount of CO2 emitted to the air. The system features an interface for the automatic receiving and processing of data from production systems and an interface for manual data entry.

The system also works as a web application, i.e. it has high availability. It can work across different time zones and is multilingual and multicultural (works with different systems of units of measurement). This means that the user can view company-wide results, for example, in short tons, even though the input data is entered in metric units at European sites while in the American plants, short tons are used.

general contractor of the project

4. Payment gateway for an international company

Specialization: fintech

Description of the project: A Switzerland-based online payment gateway that provides payment processing and business account services to Card-Present (CP) and Card-No Present (CNP) businesses. Focusing on B2B merchants in the medical supplies and cosmetics industries, it also provides B2C solutions to online businesses in several different industries, including travel, multi-level marketing, gaming, forex, cryptocurrency, retail, etc.

The project was implemented with PCI DSS certification.

general contractor of the project

5. Production Planning Information System (PPIS)

Specialization: industrial production

Description of the project: The Production Planning Information System (PPIS) for metallurgical production, directly linked to the supply chains of industrial manufacturers (automakers, home appliances, etc.), serves several purposes. Among the most important are minimizing requirements for warehouse stocks, optimizing production, meeting customer demands within expected delivery times, and the ability to track the status of orders in real-time. Timely automatic alerts in case of production problems save significant money on fines for potential late order deliveries. Specifics of production logistics in this type of operation (continuous production) mainly involve consolidating orders into production orders according to specific metallurgical production processes, such as steelmaking or line conversions in subsequent processes.

The core of our Production Planning Information System (PPIS) is the production material balance. This module, based on technological procedures, precisely determines the production route and individual operations on each line. It then generates a plan for the following week, which is sent to each production unit. The plan is further refined into production orders, which schedule production for shifts. The Supply Chain Management (SCM) module is designed for customers with regular consumption. In this module, the system autonomously determines production based on inputs provided by the customer, ensuring a seamless integration of customer requirements into the production planning process. All mentioned modules are interconnected and must promptly respond to any changes in production capacities, technological changes, planned maintenance, or unexpected breakdowns.

project partner

6. Monitoring of harmful substances

Specialization: industrial production/security system

Description of the project: The project aimed at supplying hardware and developing software for individual plants of a steel site in order to monitor harmful substances in the air of the plants, evaluate them in real time and, if necessary, provide immediate warnings when the established limits are exceeded.

general contractor of the project

7. Integrated public transport system

Specialization: public sector/transport

Description of the project: An integrated public transport project where ESTEN worked as a supplier of the operator software and as a partner for its implementation.

subcontractor of the project for international product and software company

8. eMobility platform development

Specialization: software development/cloud services/migration

Description of the project: IT platform supporting electric vehicle (EV) charging. The system provides communication with charging stations, charging authorization, management of charging sessions, invoice generation, roaming services and a lot of other functions.

ESTEN's task was to migrate an existing monolithic Java EE-based application to a Spring Boot-based microservice architecture improving scalability while using a cloud environment.

As the EV is a fast-growing industry with enormous growth of customer base, scalability in upcoming years is critical for the platform success. Currently, the platform processes over 250,000 charging sessions monthly.

development partner

9. Rehapiano

Specialization: healthcare sector/medical devices

Description of the project: Rehapiano is a solution designed for use in medical settings for the diagnosis and physical rehabilitation of upper limb fine motor impairment.

partner project with Technical university of Košice and Louis Pasteur University Hospital in Košice

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