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We are ESTEN, a Slovak technology company with an 18-year history of software development.

Sustainability is a priority

Long-term sustainability is very important to us - from designing low-energy hardware to waste recycling in our offices. But it's our solutions that are the largest benefits for you. Our system is designed to automatically reduce resource and energy consumption once the demand peak is no longer required. With us, you can manage your resources efficiently and save costs.

3 values that define us

Quality, professionalism and integrity. Where other suppliers have failed, gone over budget or over schedule, we step in. We are here to ensure that your project is delivered on time and with the highest quality possible.

Innovation is in our DNA

With ESTEN, your business will be even more successful - we offer high quality at affordable prices that are in line with the latest technological trends. We are your partner throughout the entire product lifecycle, with a focus on your business needs.

Tech stack



Git CI/CD, Containerization, Orchestration, Monitoring, Cloud (Azure), IaC, Kubernetes, Testing


Data store

Relational Databases  MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL MariaDB

NoSQL Databases  MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4j

Message Queues  RabbitMQ, Kafka

In Memory


Files MINIO, Azure Storage



Java / Kotlin (Spring boot, Quartz, Flyway) .NET / .NET Core Python



Angular (Typescript, PWA) React (Typescript, PWA) ASP.NET Core MVC

satisfied clients
internal IT experts + network of partner companies
implemented projects
years on the market

Our team

Photo of Štefan Fábián

Štefan Fábián


Photo of Lukáš Baran

Lukáš Baran


Photo of Miroslav Hvizd

Miroslav Hvizd

Technology partner

Photo of Milan Šafárik

Milan Šafárik